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Wasson Way Trail on the Move

The nonprofit organization known as Wasson Way has made plans to turn a 6.5 mile stretch of decommissioned railroad tracks into a pedestrian and bike trail. This trail will connect to more than 100 other bike trails in the Cincinnati area.

Wasson Way hopes to further connect the community to each other when it takes this idle piece of land, and turns it into something that everyone can use. It is projected that the trail will cost somewhere between 7.5 and 11.2 million dollars. The organization is gathering the necessary funds for the project through fundraising events and federal grants.

Currently the organization is awaiting more than 2 million dollars in federal grant money. They are also still awaiting the approval from Norfolk Southern Railroad to purchase the stretch of unused tracks.

If all goes according to plan, Wasson Way hopes to have the project under way in 2015. Wasson Way is one of four nonprofits actively seeking to build bike paths and trails connecting throughout the city. These nonprofits are looking to provide residents with a unique way to get moving through Cincinnati, and hopefully further connect the residents of Cincinnati with one another.

Be sure to visit the Wasson Way website for more information and updates on the project.


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