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Construction will soon begin on a new single-family home in the Central Business District of Downtown Cincinnati. The home is the first residential home to be built in the area in quite some time. Quest Real Estate LLC is building the home to gauge the interest in homes in the area. The three-story house will […]

Ex-Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver, Chad Ochocinco (formerly Chad Johnson), likely has an above average grasp on moving with fish. If you haven’t seen Ochocinco’s bedroom, you are missing out! Exotic fish swim in an extravagant aquarium which arches over the head of his bed. The half-canopy of aquatic life surely makes for a relaxing bedtime […]

relocation experts know from countless experiences that purchasing your first home is a very exciting venture. Many young married couples are ecstatic to sign on the dotted line and have your Cincinnati movers quickly truck in their furniture and boxes. Yes buying a house for the first time is a fun time, but the desire […]